Tenant Application Form

Thank you for showing interest in our property/room. In order to complete your reservation for the room/property, please complete the form below (in full). Once received, a member of the LetSU team will be in touch to confirm your appointment with us. Please be advised that reservations may be lost if forms are incomplete or not received by the agreed deadline.

Please complete every section of this form. Failure to complete all of the form may result in your reservation being lost.

Property Details

Your Details

Next of Kin Details

Tenant Declaration

I hereby confirm that all information given in this application form is true, accurate, to the best of my knowledge and not misleading. I give consent to the information being used for the application and duration of the tenancy for the management of the property, including but not limited to, being given to contractors and being used to chase money owed. I understand that LetSU use the information to make decisions based on my application and that if found untrue, the application may be declined and I will lose part of my deposit paid.

I confirm that I have seen the above property and understand that, by signing this document, I am agreeing to accept the tenancy of the property and condition of the furnishings and fittings (unless otherwise advised by LetSU or the landlord).

As part of the legal process of letting a property, we are required to provide you with certain information prescribed by law. Please tick this box if we may email you this information and other documents and notices throughout your application process and the tenancy, to reduce our environmental impact through unnecessary printing.

Guarantor Application


If you are not going to have a Guarantor, then you do not need to complete this section. Tenant's without Guarantor's will need to pay their full tenancy rent (the whole year) in full, by the commencement date of their tenancy and the standard deposit plus an additional £150.00 top up.

You must choose either to have a guarantor (and provide the details below) or opt to pay your rent upfront and the additional top up deposit.

Please note: this is not a legal agreement, it is an application form. Details provided on this form will be used to compile the guarantor agreement document, which will be provided to you. This is not legally binding until the tenancy agreement and guarantor agreements are signed.

To be a guarantor you must meet all the below requirements:

  • Be a resident of Great Britain only
  • Be employed and working full time (37.5 hours per week)
  • Be over the age of 21 years old
  • Earn in excess of £20,000 per annum
  • Pass the Credit Reference check

What does a ‘guarantor’ entail?

By applying to be a guarantor for your tenant, you will be joint and severally liable for all parties included within the tenancy agreement. This means your details can and may be shared with any parties included within the tenancy agreement, such as (but not exclusive to) tenants, other guarantors and contractors. Your guarantor role can be used to guarantee any outstanding rent arrears, damages (in excess of the deposit held) and charges applied to the tenants during their tenancy. This is further explained within the Guarantor Agreement document, which you must sign once in agreement with the terms and conditions.

Don’t have a guarantor? Don’t wish to be a guarantor?

If you do not wish to sign the Guarantor Agreement, then the tenant will need to source an alternative guarantor. If a guarantor cannot be found, the tenant will need to pay an additional top up deposit of £150.00 and their full tenancy (whole year) rent, in full, by the commencement date (as specified within the tenancy agreement).

Credit & Reference Checks

All of our guarantors undergo a full Credit Check prior to tenancy commencement. Additionally, an in house employer reference will be required. Should the guarantor fail this check (as per the Reference Providers guidance), the tenant will need to seek an alternative guarantor. A charge will be applied to the guarantor/tenant of £20.00 for failing the reference check, to cover the cost of the check and subsequent paperwork to be drawn up.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Telephone: 01707 286152
Email: studenthousing@hertfordshire.su

Guarantor Details

Guarantor Employment Details

Guarantor Declaration

I confirm that my proposed Guarantor has read and understood the purpose of the guarantor application and understands that this is not a binding agreement. The agreement issued must be signed in order to confirm the position as a guarantor within this tenancy. I confirm that my Guarantor has agreed for their details to be used during the tenancy and provided to third parties if required. I confirm that the Guarantor agrees for LetSU to use their personal details to carry out a credit reference check to confirm their credit rating, to ensure that they are suitable to act as a guarantor for the duration of the tenancy.

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